Stefanka is a software company that provides apparel and workwear retailers with interactive clothing fit solutions meant to help their customers find the perfect garments for their unique curves and fitting preferences. Our suite of solutions helps retailers enhance the experience in-store and online, drive traffic up, increase basket size up and reduce returns while finally addressing fit issues.


Enabling consumers to find the ideal fit is an issue that many industries encounter. Clothing, uniforms and workwear retailers along with military clothing and equipment along with sportswear retailers are just few exemples. That’s why Stefanka has a suite of solutions for every need. We also offer consultation to further tailor our expertise for every business.  

Body Measurements Acquisition

Either by an automatic data input using 3D scanning or by a manual data input using skilled sales associate, Stefanka easily computes a shopper’s body measurements. Our volumetric recognition system is already patented.

Matching Algorithms

Once we have the shopper’s body measurements, we correlate them to several factors such as fitting preferences and garment features. The key to our precise and accurate matchs stems from the sole use of primary data rather than predictive statistics.

Custom Product Catalog

Once the shopper has applied relevant browsing filters for him or her, a display showcases all products available in store that fits the shopper’s unique curves and fitting preferences.

Sales Associate Tool

Once the shopper’s clothes selection is set, a sales associate can easily pick-up the selected items and keep track of the shopper’s profile and preferences. In addition, the sales associate has a handy tool to conduct up-selling in the appropriate sizes. Seamless service made easy!

Administrator Portal

Retailers stay in control at all time. They can in-house manage and update the products featured and access insights dashboards about, for instance, consumers preferences and purchasing patterns.


Enhance in-store experience

Enhance the experience

Data for smarter decisions

Data for smarter decisions

Reduce buyer's uncertainty

Reduce buyer’s uncertainty

Reduce returns

Reduce costs due to returns


"Une technologie qui permet de diminuer le taux de retour et d’optimiser le processus de vente."

Julien Brault

Journaliste, Les Affaires

« La technologie Stefanka Tech est l’aboutissement d’une démarche d’une décennie de recherches. »

Denise Proulx

Journaliste, Journal de Montréal

« Stefanka a révolutionné l’industrie du commerce de détail en utilisant la technologie 3D. »

Adrien Tombari

Journaliste, Infopresse


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