We like to think we are part of the actors that help to shape the future, and we are not the only one thinking that. Here are a sample of articles describing how Stefanka is acting to make a change.


Rise of the robots: How retailers are planning on using cutting-edge technology to get customers into stores in the Financial Post :

One startup trying to eliminate frustrations that arise during the average buying experience is Stefanka, a company based in Montreal. Its software conducts a 3D body scan of customers in store change rooms in order to help sales clerks find the best-fitting apparel in stock, particularly useful for the tricky fit category of brassieres.


Inside the store of the future in CBC News:

Here CBC News presents the companies featured at DX3 Trade Fair that provide innovative technologies to stores.


Latest tech trends from the DX3 trade show in CityNews:

Still at the DX3 conference, a video featuring Stefanka (1:05) :


Le prix du public 2015 remporté par Stefanka Lingerie in Osentreprendre:

A blog post following the nomination of Stefanka for the public award at the 2015 OSEntreprendre Challenge.


Élizabeth Stefanka : Tout ça à cause d’un soutien-gorge mal ajusté ! in Les Affaires

An interview of Elizabeth Stefanka, CEO, talking about her company, motivation, and objectives.