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Stefanka would like to reassure its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and collaborators regarding the health of our team and the maintenance of our operations. Although, the situation of COVID-19 is difficult to predict, the firm is making sure to take the necessary, such a working from home, to continue to serve its clients and to meet their business needs. 


Stefanka is a technology supplier for clothing retailers and manufacturers. Curated during DX3 Retail Collective Lab 2016 as one of the most promising retail technology startups in the world, Stefanka’s technology helps shoppers find the right products and sizes for their body shape, taking the frustration out of sizing inconsistencies. The result : empowered store associates, loyal customers, fewer returns and easier sales.


Enabling consumers to find the ideal fit is an issue that the apparel industries continues to face. Stefanka has a suite of solutions for every retailer for all clothing including lingerie, workwear, uniforms, military clothing and everyday wear. We also offer consultation services to further tailor our expertise for every business.

Body Measurements Acquisition

Either by an automatic data input using 3D scanning or by a manual data input using skilled sales associate, Stefanka easily computes a shopper’s body measurements. Our volumetric recognition system is already patented.

Matching Algorithms

Once we have the shopper’s body measurements, we correlate them to several factors such as fitting preferences and garment features. The key to our precise and accurate matches stems from the sole use of primary data rather than predictive statistics.

Custom Product Catalog

Once the shopper has applied relevant browsing filters, all products available in store is a displayed and showcases what fits the shopper’s unique curves and fitting preferences.

Sales Associate Tool

Once the shopper’s clothes selection is set, a sales associate can easily pick-up the selected items and keep track of the shopper’s profile and preferences. In addition, sales associates have a handy tool for finding in the appropriate sizes. Finally, seamless service made easy!

Administrator Portal

Retailers stay in control at all time. They can manage and update the products in-house and access insights dashboards about, consumer preferences and purchasing patterns.


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Enhance the experience

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Data for smarter decisions

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Reduce buyer’s uncertainty

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Reduce costs due to returns


"Stefanka Lingerie’s product, developed by the young HEC Montréal graduate Elizabeth Stefanka, has the potential to revolutionize the way we buy bras."

Videotron Business

''It's with great flexibility and agility that Elizabeth and her team equipped us with the right technology to venture into new markets.''
Genevieve Tremblay

CEO, MOOV Activewear

"Stefanka recommends the best fit for customers while offering retailers the chance to transform their fitting rooms into interactive, 3D-scanning fitting rooms."
Joseph Czikk

Montreal NewTech


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